Warehouse Services :


We can provide storage capacity for short term basis as well as for longer periods, depending on your requirements. We can provide warehousing facilities to safely store your goods in a clean, safe environment.
• Short Term Storage
• Long Term Storage
• Safety of Goods

Short Term Storage


We can provide the facilities for short terms storage of goods. This is a temporary phase while the final settlement of goods are done at your place. We can also provide for facilities where the goods are to be stored over night or during the transit for a short term.

If you wish us to pack your items, All the packing materials, such as various boxes, wraps, and tapes are charged based on the actual usage, and we do not charge for using blankets and moving pads.

Included in price is your standard moving insurance (see Insurance for more details), and additional insurance can be obtained during or before the day of your move.




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